Notes of Gold Added to Federal Reserve Board Permanent Collection

Posted: 09/01/2017

                      Notes of Gold

Notes of Gold, Oil on linen, 36 x 30 inches, 1999

The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System recently added Joseph Holston's Notes of Gold to the Board's Fine Arts Collection.  The oil painting had been on loan and on display since  the closing of the solo exhibition "Joseph Holston - Harmony, Color and   Form," which was on display from October 6, 2008, through March 6, 2009.  Notes of Gold  is one of several Holston works acquired by the Federal Reserve in recent years.

As with all federal agencies, the Board may receive gifts of artwork, as well as funds to purchase works of art. The Board is dependent on these donations to build its collection, which includes drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures.

For further information about thefine art program of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, click here.